Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Website Update

For those of you wondering what's going on with the website construction, I've been updating the pages on the different continents/regions.

These pages will simply be static reference material for some basic geographical and historical lessons regarding these regions. Details will be provided in each country's post, which will be posted on this main page when we get there.

Once these reference material pages are finished, I may add a "Contact Us" page or maybe a(n) (auto)biographical page for the chefs. There may even be pictures.

As for the post style of each country, I will also be including the history thereof, with some random facts of interest.

In order to help sustain the blog, I will be adding advertising once I've finished the skeleton of the blog, so to speak. They will be helping to fund our culinary adventures, and we thank them in advance for it.

Finally, a teaser for our first official meal: it's from Africa - as the poll suggested; one vote can make a difference! - and it ends in an "a." I'm excited for it.

P.S. - While I am not on Facebook, most of you are. Feel free to tweet or Facebook away about this blog! Apparently "Facebook" is a verb.

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