Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Welcome to my blog, Around the World in 194 Meals!

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This idea came to me after eating some homemade tofu pad Thai: what if I could cook, then eat, a meal from every country in the world?

Then my girlfriend, over a different meal of homemade Thai food, had an amazing idea: why not write a blog about the aforementioned culinary journey?

And so, we've created a blog to post about our different meals and experiences in the kitchen.

The goal is to have a meal at least every other week. Hopefully we can do more, yet life does exist outside of the kitchen, and it is telling us we need more funding.

The meal will be cooked in-house, by myself and maybe a combination of my mother, brother, and/or girlfriend, all of whom are great at cooking. (Or better than I am, anyway.)

There are a few restrictions, however:

  1. Budgets: Some ingredients (looking at you, rice noodles) are more expensive than wheat-gluten noodles, for example. We may not be able to be as "authentic" as we would like - or cook as often - as a result of this. Though we will try to cook with healthy, fresh ingredients from local sources when possible.
  2. Diet: I am a pescatarian, which is basically vegetarian plus fish. I won't eat beef, pork, chicken, or any animal flesh that didn't swim. I do, however, eat animal products, e.g., milk and eggs. I can elucidate on this later. The other participants on the journey are fairly omnivorous.
  3. Taste: While this journey is, to an extent, about trying new things, certain things won't be attempted. For example, we won't fry insects, which is done in North-Eastern Thailand. Instead, we'd try a different Thai dish. (Not that we would fry insects regardless, as they are animals, and I wouldn't eat them. Maybe as a side dish for the others though.)
After cooking the meal, we'll tell about the experience. Furthermore, we'll give information about the culture, nation, region, etc., of the country in question.

I encourage anyone with suggestions to post comments on the website sharing any experiences, recipes, or  their heritage. Also, the poll at the side has options for all the regions we will use.

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