Friday, August 10, 2012

A Note about the Advertisements

As you can see, I've added ads for this blog. I'm going to refrain from talking about them too much, lest I accidentally break a rule regarding their usage.

Basically, the ads are here to help support the site; yet I also want them to be relatively unobstrusive.

As such, if there are any ads that seriously offend you, please leave a comment or email me (check "Contact Us"). I've already blocked some ad content types which I feel violate the spirit of this blog (e.g., are politically-driven), but I'm sure there are other ads that detract from this experience.

That said, I also hope the ads can be tailored to your needs and actually be useful to you. I saw one for a vegetarian cookbook earlier.

More importantly and on-message, we've started to collect ingredients for our next meal. I shan't say its source, though I will say that it is particularly delicious. Also, from my research, it appears to be fairly traditional in its style. We'll have pictures.

Remember, I've said that the meal will be from an African country ending in "a." If you can guess it (in the comments), you're pretty awesome.

Finally, there's a search box now, right below the translator. Pretty good if you're looking for a particular country/region/meal, especially when this thing grows.

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